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PFI Operations Manual – How to Keep it Simple and Make it Useful

 PFI Operations Manual

In this article we explain the why, what and how of the PFI Operations Manual – the cornerstone of effective and consistent day to day contract management. The typical length of a PFI contract (20-30 years), makes it extremely unlikely that a single individual will be responsible for managing it from commencement to expiry. At the same time the complexity of a PFI project makes coming to grips with it

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Using a PFI Monitoring Calendar to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

PFI Monitoring Calendar

The PFI monitoring calendar is an essential tool for you, as the client, to stay on top of the responsibilities of your PFI contractor and its sub-contractors, as well as your own responsibilities. In this article we focus on how you can use the PFI monitoring calendar to reduce your costs and to improve efficiency. PFI contracts are sometimes described as ‘self-monitoring’, implying that the contractor can be left to

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How Good PFI Document Management Practice Saves Time and Effort – 5 Tips

Helpful Tips

Although it sounds like a mundane issue, a good PFI document management and filing system is an essential tool for effective contract management. The need for an efficient filing system for management of any complex contract should be self-evident; however, this need is magnified in the case of a PFI contract. The main reasons for this are: The need to keep and have easy access to documents over a 20-30 year

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5 Ways to Transform PFI Meetings from a Burden to an Effective Management Tool


The thought of attending yet another meeting with your PFI contractor may seem like a pointless chore… you may feel that there’s too much talk and too little action by your contractor thereafter. Yet, there are ways in which you can easily transform your PFI meetings from what may be a burden to an effective management tool for improving contractor performance and for saving you time and money on your

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Key Tips to Maximise PFI Life Cycling to Get Best Value

PFI Life Cycling

Contractor responsibility for the life cycle of the assets is a fundamental principle in PFI contracts. The related costs form a significant element in the unitary charge. Ensuring that the life cycle programme is well managed and meets its needs should, therefore, be one of your key priorities. This article covers the techniques you can use to get the most out of your PFI contractor’s life cycle and redecorating responsibilities. Management

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7 Steps to Minimising Costs of Vandalism and Damage in PFI Contracts

Costs of Vandalism

In PFI assets with considerable public or end user traffic, such as libraries, leisure centres, schools, offices and prisons, there is a high risk of regular incidents of vandalism and other types of damage caused by client-related parties. The costs of vandalism and damage, charged on top of standard PFI fees, can be prohibitive if not managed effectively, coming to tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds each year.

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Keeping Track of Availability & Performance Deductions in PFI Contracts

PFI Availability and Performance Deductions

The payment mechanism is the primary means for ensuring a PFI contractor performs. PFI contracts distinguish between ‘Availability and ‘Performance’ and to control costs, it’s therefore essential that clients keep track of Availability and Performance deductions in PFI contracts. In this article we explain what Availability and Performance deductions are, why it’s important that clients need to keep track of them (to ensure they only pay for a high quality service) and how they should do

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PFI Indexation: 5 Tips for Cost Control by Keeping Track of Indexation

PFI Indexation

PFI indexation, as with other issues affecting affordability, is inextricably linked with the operational side of the contract, so those responsible for PFI contract management must take responsibility for dealing with indexation, and not leave it just to the finance department. Our article on 6 Tips to Keep Control of PFI Affordability explains that if affordability is not managed properly, a deficit of millions of pounds can accumulate over the life of the

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